Authentic Happiness
Ripples Well-Being

Sunset of Happiness Possibilities

Authentic Happiness, I try to share it with everyone, seen and unseen people of the world!
Steve Maraboli said, β€œ
If you want to find happiness, find gratitude
” β€“ which is precisely the target of gratitude-based positive psychology interventions. Gratitude evokes strong feelings of positivity in the person who gives it and the person who receives it (Schueller & Parks, 2013).

Authentic Happiness, this keyword was my breakthrough moment.

 The shattering realisation of what I was doing unconsciously throughout my life was, in reality, grabbing the concepts of Positive Psychology and turning the Science of Happiness into my beautiful reality.

Being happily married for the past 59 years and still counting. Surrounded by loving family members, not forgetting my Labradors bears proof of this authenticity.

Authentic Happiness
Covid-19 Ramifications!

Paul Wong's article on "7 Reasons Why the New Normal may be Good for you"

Authentic Happiness has been given a bitter pill to swallow, facing Covid!

Read (above) his compelling article, and transform authentic happiness to meet any trauma the world throws at you!

Unconditional Love goes a long way to creating Authentic Happiness!

"Authentic Happiness"


Is a good way to create happiness for yourself and many others throughout the world!

Here's a sampling in the video below.

Authentic Happiness

Then I thought, why not integrate these concepts with counselling with my belief and values as a crusade opening up new positive pathways for my clients to weigh up the benefits and surrounding them with their lives!

Yet again⚑️, when I saw the huge benefits of Solution-Focused Therapy to manage most of life's conflicts by looking at people's strengths, what they are good at and their inner powers to succeed against all odds. This is a springboard to spiral powerfully above most the challenging problems we humans face from time to time.

My training in professional counselling, positive psychology and specialised solution-focused programs are essentially the message my website : want's to convey for you.

Authentic Happiness wouldn't be genuine unless we realise as imperfect human beings their going to be all sorts of challenges forging healthy relationships to breakthrough to that state of bliss.

Deep down most of us, given a chance all strive for this to happen.

As we are uniquely different and imperfect human beings, challenges to see people's distinct point of view are always going to be there with a cocktail of emotions and feelings. 

Some unite us with happiness, excitement and joyful in the exchange of conversations.

Others are negative and cause conflict with each other. "We  don't get it, not having lived others experiences to appreciate their set of relationships."πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦

Authentic Happiness test video:

Authentic Happiness

The Danger Of Too Much Searching!

Authentic Happiness

This is one of the many(below) The wonders of nature provides so many more clues to provide our well-being

Climb aboard!

Looking at the yacht, we see the surging spray and the ocean depth of emotions. We can grasp the steering wheel, life's compass and set sail for a journey that captures all our human needs outlined below:

 Certainty, Variety, Significance, Love and Connection, Growth and Contribution.

Balancing act of these human needs showcases human beings imperfection.

We go on this merry-go-round later to explore happy and conflicting emotions.

In the meantime, watch a little video.

 I acknowledge and are indebted to Robbins-Madanes Training, as well as my trainers Mark and Magali Peysh in Strategic Intervention for this definition. Pivotal in everything we do!

I have added a 7th of my own,  because of personal, loving experiences.

A oneness!

The depth of the ocean is our measure of the intensity of our commitment to achieving Healthy Relationship first with yourself and significant others.

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Your Choice!Heads You Win, Tails You Lose!

Happiness is(heads) on the flipside of this coin. The tail between our legs is the Unhappy side. Why are people unhappy? This why I called this page Authentic Happiness.

It wouldn't be 'authentic' unless, we flipped the coin to 'tails' to see life's reality!

Click on the following to see why people are unhappy?


Authentic Happiness
Has No Boundaries.

Unconditional Love!Happiness is contagious in our household!