What Is Mindfulness
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What a way to marvel at the world with sunrises and sunsets.

Mindfulness your sunset of happiness and wellbeing!

 Mindfulness, ignites the fuse to new meanings, prompting values and beliefs leading to pathways of breathtaking opportunities scoffing at limitations!

I am introducing a mastermind group of people in the vibrant field of Positive Psychology.

I'll demonstrate their research and evolving evidence that can indelibly create sustainable happiness and wellbeing.

Being in late adulthood category such as I am, gives us a potent resilience to overcome most tremours.

The panel of experts I have chosen have impacted my life with a shuddering reality.

         Ellen Langer, Barbara Fredrickson and Carol Dweck.

Mindfulness cup that automatically keeps topped up!

My hope ladies and gentlemen these benefits spread virally to you!

Ellen Langer's Counter Clockwise studies created a world breakthrough when she took two groups of men seventies and eighties (late-adulthood) 

See the book review.

to a monastery representing everything that flashed back to the 1950s Movies, radio programs and decor. 

We could well imagine it to be you and me!

Brian Johnson's YouTube video, does a brilliant summary of Ellen's Counter Clockwise!

We could mindfully imagine bringing together Langer, Fredrickson and Dweck in a webinar cross-pollinating their contributions to the science of Positive Psychology.

We see threesome is sitting in a semicircle, Ellen delivering her mindfulness evolutionary Counter Clockwise reality experiment.

Johnson's video takes us there!

The thrilling part of these concepts is I am going to integrate them in a program that I believe is the blockbuster to most degrees of traumas or challenges we face in life! Aptly expressed in Johnson's video.

Turning to Barbara Fredrickson, her Broaden and Build Theory has a spell-bounding impact on the audience, we are there too!

We are making a habit of accentuating our positive emotions, Barabara guides us to press our reset button and walla what kicks in, you become healthy, rock-hard immune system, more creative, resilient and more successfully happier.

Your feelings can prompt more positive benefits.

My sessions with you will help fuel your automatic pilot squash those negative feelings we inherently get a bargain for from time to time!

After watching Barbara's video: 

We realise the enormous benefits of Positive Emotions working in everyday life.

Conclusive proof! They work with negative programing; we all experience. Flip the coin to positivity, and you get a wonderful gift of happiness and wellbeing!

 Carol Dweck now takes the stage.

She is the brainchild of the power of mindset.

Looking at Fixed mindset

people are mindlessly going through life, believing their intelligence is fixed and got what it takes with no room for improvement!

Mindfulness is gaining a further momentum adopting a growth mindset that is on fire, opening the floodgates of the love of learning matched with hard work and resilience.

Undoubtedly the best take away from all of Dweck's Ted Talks and videos is the genius of saying and believing in Not Yet!

With this affirmation, you have a growth mindset!

There's an animated version of Carol's wonderful work on mindsets.

The pendulum in my life swang heavily from fixed to growth and back again until I decided to do something about it!

Mindfulness now gives us an explosive start setting our bucket list of goals; we've got the growth mindset to do so.

I'll handle that in another chapter!