Positive Psychology
Trailblazers Albany Creek

Positive Psychology Trailblazers Albany Creek

My practice for the Albany Creek community is a first where I combine Positive Ageing with Positive Psychology and Positive Solutions.

The power of these three Ps is the ultimate recipe for long-term happiness and well-being despite trauma or overwhelming challenges!

It is an inspiring balancing act I guide you through to achieve.

Using relevant science and well-researched and evidence-based studies.

The beauty of my approach is that you can put it into practice quickly with ironclad sustainability!

Furthermore, you'll be delighted with the powerful simplicity I wrap around each interview and the content  on my website presentation.

These answers came to me after watching videos outlining the benefits of positive psychology for people striving for happiness yet at some crossroads, preventing them from achieving this due to life filled with negative programming and their thinking defaulting to what was going wrong with their lives.

The anxieties or their depressed state swallowed their thinking, and they got stuck in the murky waters of the problems they were facing.

The process of positive psychology magnetises your strengths, values, beliefs, skills developed so far, and the resources you have from mentors to boost your courage and resilience.

We then develop a positivity springboard to overpower our traumatised state.

Having watched and listened to these introductory videos, I had to shake myself; my wife and I have been practising positive psychology without being aware it was termed Positive Psychology!

I am not alone; many other people could say the same!

I was awed by the simplicity of the process of positive psychology to achieve happiness despite trauma experienced and a dedicated obligation and calling to help others achieve this state and maintain it for a lifetime with legacy overtones!

A further startling revelation I found was Positive Psychology could spread its wings and fly and empower other human interactions.

I have designed my practice to pioneer  these powerful integrations.

For the first one, I will focus on the benefits of Positive Ageing, which is where I am!

The second integration will be Positive Psychology, containing a powerhouse of benefits of happiness and fulfilment we all want to achieve.

The third Positive Solutions translates brilliantly either one or all in any of the cases of overwhelm of obtaining a favourable outcome or goal.The sterling wheel helping you over troubled waters.

Positive Psychology embraces all human experiences, nature, music, events joyful and challenging.

Creating a platform for hopeful optimism.

Positive Psychology Trailblazers Albany Creek
Positive Ageing Phenomenon

Positive Psychology Groundbreaker For Albany Creek

With Positive Ageing, new frontiers are emerging.

Want to move up a fulfilment rung?

Are you hovering at the crossroads of life?

Want to rekindle back burner passions?

It isn't too late to reinvent yourself!

Here's one example: I'm indebted to David Bogan and Keith Davies's Book, 'Avoid Retirement and Stay Alive.'

Have you checked your forehead lately?

See a use-by-date?

No? Then why on earth are you worried about retirement?

Do you want to draw on your reservoir of wisdom and time-honoured experiences to kickstart an evolution?

Is the new you want to get out and make your life count?

Reinventing yourself offers game-changing opportunities for you and your family, spiralling to future generations.

 There are many examples proving positive ageing defies barriers.

I'll provide these rich examples on my website. 

I'll look through the lens of middle-aged families, including grandparents, as I am in my eighties and walking the talk.

The thrust of my website is to provide a journey I have travelled and still moving along a golden road to achieving Positive Ageing.

Of course, many of your ideas could lead to amplification and inspiration.

Golden JourneyPositive Psychology Trailblazers Albany Creek The natural environment confirms the golden road to happiness for residents.

The Three Ps

My program help you override those acute traumas swallowed by overwhelming- Into paths of happiness for you and others dear to you.

With something more robust with what you are good at your resilient best.

We explore the evidence tested receipt for your desired outcome with essential ingredients of Positive Ageing, Positive Psychology, and Positive Solutions.

These three Ps have been life-changing for me. I join in and back the evidence!

On the pages that follow, you'll have the opportunity these for yourself and significant others.

When practiced, these three bundles of evolving energy will do for you an amplification of your strengths, values, and resources to counteract any adversity-tramatic event blocking your progress.

Best of all, I have designed the program for you to become captain of your destiny in a relatively short time, making me redundant. You will have the inspiration and courage to row your own boat!

Of course; I will always be there for you, as a guiding lighthouse over troubled waters if they occur.

Positive Ageing
Goes PioneeringšŸŽ”

My home office.Positive Psychology Trailblazers Albany Creek A suburb with natural tranquillizers! My home office is there.
Tau and Loloma

Tau and  Loloma epitomising unconditional love.

ASIC- Positive Ageing Innovator

  • My pledge for you is to be hot on the heels of pioneering breakthroughs where new evidence and research accelerates your progress to your desired goal.
  • Or managing a profoundly distressing experience.

Positive Ageing

Positive Ageing Advantages

Expectations from potential family clients in Albany Creek and surrounding suburbs.

I conduct face-to-face interviews from the home office in Albany Creek, Queensland, and for those in a short radius of my suburb.

My practice  pioneers from November 2022

It is unique, and my focus is on middle age and well beyond, and the benefit for your resolutions are often achievable in one or two sessions.

I have lived in Albany Creek for the past 40 years.

Zoom or Skype calls are inferior to engaging in a human experience; therefore, I don't use them.

Acceptance of Positive Ageing A natural for me, being in my eighties.

When I did my studies in Positive Psychology, the penny dropped for me and my wife, Coralie, that these happiness and wellbeing riveting concepts followed our married life to a tee!

Okay, the labelling was not the same; nevertheless, achieving a diamond status wedding anniversary meant we were on parallel paths of doing the right thing with our lives and with our daughter and son and being respected by our grandchildren.

I then learned further studies on Solution-Focused Brief Therapy that these goals are closely allied with Positive Psychology.

 (I renamed this mouthful: Positive Solutions- as it appears on my website)

Positive Ageing was the next progression I integrated-couldn't leave it out!

The integration of The Three Ps has an empowering trigger for any family situation: to achieve positive outcomes.

There are three experts:

  1. The family member with the unique story of their challenge

   (a) their profound strengths, skills and coping resilience

   (b) their lifeline of support mentors-VIPs

   (c) their positive outcome earned, 

2. Class of mentors-parents, grandparents and close friends etc.

3. My guiding questions are to help the family with their worthwhile resolution. 

A metaphor for you, I am your tour guide to help you with where you want to go!