Positive Ageing

Positive Ageing , new frontiers are emerging.

Want to move up a fulfilment rung?

Are you hovering at the crossroads of life?

Want to rekindle back burner passions?

It isn't too late to reinvent yourself!

Here's one example of this: I'm indebted to David Bogan and Keith Davies Book, 'Avoid Retirement and Stay Alive'

Have you checked your forehead lately?

See a use-by-date?

No? Then why on earth are you worried about retirement?

Do you want to draw on your reservoir of wisdom and time-honoured experiences to kickstart an evolution?

Is the new you want to get out and make your life count?

It isn't too late to reinvent yourself. There are many examples proving positive ageing defies barriers.

I'll provide these rich examples on my website. Amplified by ideas of your own.

Positive Ageing
Internal Volcano 🌋

Eruptive wisdom, unique experiences, and expertise honed over many years. At the crossroads of your lives, you are in the best position to be influential.

Grabbing the above to fuel a new direction.

Positive Ageing is your soulmate friend along an exciting journey.

Adversity Strangled
By Overwhelm ?😬

My program help you override those acute traumas swallowed by overwhelming- Into paths of happiness for you and others dear to you.

With something more robust with what you are good at your resilient best.

We explore the evidence tested receipt for your desired outcome with essential ingredients of Positive Ageing, Positive Psychology, and Positive Solutions.

These three Ps have been life-changing for me. I join in and back the evidence!

On the pages that follow, you'll have the opportunity these for yourself and significant others.

When practiced, these three bundles of evolving energy will do for you an amplification of your strengths, values, and resources to counteract any adversity-tramatic event blocking your progress.

The Power of Three.
Slight Edge💡

Features as my theme I run through Positive Ageing; to explain the advantages for you by breaking it down into three easy steps whenever possible.

  1. The A, B, C of it!
  2. Positive Ageing,Positive Psychology and Positive Solutions. These three Ps, as you will see, produce a powerful synergy for you overcome most anything!
  3. The Slight Edge:Easy to do,Easy not to do and Outcome

Example, apply this to an exercise program (health, fitness and weight loss)

  • Follow it consistly over twelve months- positive compounding outcome- easy to do!
  • When you felt like it measured over twelve months-negative compounding outcome- easy to do, just invent enough excuses!
  • Jeff Olson's Slight Edge philosophy has limitless applications.
  • Positive Ageing fits snugly under this!

Positive Ageing
Goes Pioneering🎡

  • My pledge for you is to be hot on the heels of pioneering breakthroughs where new evidence and research accelerates your progress to your desired goal.
  • Or managing a profoundly distressing experience.