Nature Emotional
Circuit Breaker.

Nature opens up the beauty to everyone. A few seconds experience can do wonders for you!

Wake Up Call

Admire the beauty and perfection around you. Plucked from my garden.

Take A Walk On
The Nature Side🌴🦮

The sunset of hope, you're beginning see that possibilities are reality!

Palm created by the marvels of nature!

Coralie's Paradise

Nature is the best creativity tool that I know of, often solving the most complex of problems. Ah ha moments are in abundant supply!

The best way to look at our lives is not to isolate ourselves from the cosmos and consider that we are indelibly part of the universe.

Rather than kid ourselves that we are special above everybody else. We are humble and proud contributors striving to have meaningful lives and helping others achieve the same.

Caroline Myss has a great illumination of this (above):

Take a walk, a hike and without an agenda let nature unfold your problems, sometimes in seconds!

Nature videoed, to complement my text below; and I purposefully included some beautiful music pumping nature along!

Nature provides the unrelenting power of the landscape and the perfect example of the absolute laws of nature to reduce your relationship problems to almost zilch. The potency of your interaction provides the potential of natural tranquillisers.

The above is mine.

"You can smell the Jasmine" The petals do a dance of colour hues of glistening in the sunlight to an after-glow in the evening!

Pick any scene of your own, and go there reflecting the breathtaking beauty, the surge of emotional feelings, the laughter and the tranquillity.

There's no limit to what you can add to your experiences!

On the other end of the spectrum, the climatic devastation, where the courage of the human spirit has no boundaries to assist those in need.

Nature can and does cause extreme hardship and loss of life.

Out of all of that, people and countries have built real new lives and the potential to ignite happiness and well-being. 

What can and evidence that it does happen, out of the smouldering ruins of a traumatic event, a new appreciation of their strengths, resilience and an enhanced sense of purpose!

Phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations: the breathtaking beauty of nature.

The physical force regarded as causing and regulating the phenomena of the world: it is impossible to change the laws of nature. 

If you are going through some robust relationship challenges with yourself and someone else, step outside your current tense environment and go for a nature walk and breath in and marvel at the surrounding beauty.

Your relationship with yourself, others and the natural world we live, take on a new meaning. My experiences provide an example. 

My Labradors and I frequent the bush( Jinker Track)  at Albany Creek, we run and explore new tracks. The interaction with nature puts my mind into high gear and solutions to problems I have been wrestling with seem to bounce positively from the environment.

The dogs huffing and puffing happiness add to this fantastic nature backdrop.

 Nature's playground, The Jinker Track also played havoc emotionally with my family and me when 'Prince' my Labrador got lost there.

I've created this video to depict our real-life drama, and Prince showed unconditional love for us, as well as reaching out to the door he pawed on!

Calming picture, let your imagination take you to your special place!