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Albany Creek-Home-Sweet-Home!

Albany Creek Life Navigation Program

Albany Creek, Queensland: Our home-sweet home!

Albany Creek Life Navigation Program

Focusing on parents in my area and surrounding suburbs

Imagine, for a moment, going on a journey where the known destinations, all of the names, all of a sudden, have been changed.

These nine destinations are sure-fire energy pockets to achieve positive outcomes for any human being on this planet and for unlimited generations to follow!

Like any journey through life, you'll experience excitement, laughter, drama, sadness, grief, and an emotional rollercoaster ride we all have from time to time!

In all of these destinations, memories you have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly.

We don't want to sugarcoat reality!

We are making a sparkling colour movie in our minds- bringing into play all our senses that capture the moment in time to the forefront of our awareness, savouring the moment! 

Here they are, waiting to be activated by your internal GPS:

  1. Positive Psychology helps to press the button to authentic happiness and well-being. Of course, we must be aware of our emotions, as they can swing the pendulum to sadness and uptight.
  2. Balancing your Domains and keeping work-life values intact provides fulfilment for all concerned!
  3. Emotional Intelligence provides your ability to understand emotional swings to handle everyday stresses. Good and bad stresses are essential consideration.
  4. Meaning and Valuled Living.The potent antidote for skyrocketing depression, substance abuse, suicide, divorce, and galloping society lifestyle changes.
  5. The Science of Self-Acceptance. Building Blocks for healthy relationships. There's magic here to wave over tormented feelings of low self-esteem and dangerous self-talk!
  6. Maximising Strengths. Rather than focusing on the usual backlash of what's wrong with you. The shoulds and the whys. I take your strengths, skills, values and what you are good at; to a positive springboard platform where the desired outcome becomes your priority!
  7. Your Resilience. Your bounce-back ability to cope with any adversity. Motivation to set that on fire!
  8. Positive Relationships. Other people matter! Positive social relationships open many doors to shared success!
  9. Motivation and Goal Achievement. 20-20 vision of what you want and desire passionately.

You can visit any of these destinations of Hope and fulfilment in the order of your choice and still achieve a strong domino effect on all the nine goals. Detour as much as you like!

Finding Flow gives reality to the Domino effect.

 We plan to create practical purposes and revisit them to keep on track with our lives.

The best way to achieve this is by what I have done through Positive Ageing for the here and now and creating a legacy for future generations. Your loved ones, touched by parental love for the world to see.

Positive Ageing has many interpretations for you to set the bar viewed through your lens for evaluating whether the time is right for you.

My focus 🔎 is on Mid Adulthood progressing through to Late Adulthood.

In an ageing brand of 40-80 plus. The ages are arbitrary and are guidelines only. Because people decide for themselves whether they are at a crossroads in their lives and want to navigate to new destinations to create further fulfilment and well-being, in other words, reinvent themselves!

I help you circumnavigate any roadblocks you are experiencing at these crossroads!


Albany Creek Navigation Program

An example I found that fits the bill!

"Imagine, a campting site surrounded by this expansive lake and tranquility"

Tau and LolomaAdd unconditional love to any journey throughout life. Our labradors Tau and Loloma.

Albany Creek Life Navigation Program
My Eureka Moment!

Albany Creek Life Navigation Program

My Eureka Moment!

Having watched and listened to these introductory videos, I had to shake myself; my wife and I have been practising positive psychology without knowing it was termed Positive Psychology!

I am not alone; many other people could say the same!

I was awed by the simplicity of the process of positive psychology to achieve happiness despite trauma experienced and a dedicated obligation and calling to help others achieve this state and maintain it for a lifetime with legacy overtones!

A startling revelation was that Positive Psychology could spread its wings, fly, and empower other human interactions.

And when I realised the potency of combing Positive Psychology with Positive Ageing and Positive Solutions, this integration had a chain reaction; each P created new transformative energy as The Power Three triple motivation, resulting in an incredible platform to achieve desired outcomes for families, regardless of the severity of the situation or roadblocks encountered.

I adopted Navigation buttons on my website to reflect the Power of Three, so you can click on Positive Ageing, Positive Psychology or Positive Solutions in any order you choose.

For those family members that want to participate in the Life Navigation Program, complete:

The Positive Outcome For You form on my website:

My certification is below:

Golden JourneyAlbany Creek's golden journey!

Jasmine hugging our pool,and bringing a touch of a Fijian Bure for home-sweet-home!

Case Studies-Illuminating QuestionsSunset of Possibilities for anyone interested in the Albany Creek Life Navigation Program.
A walk in a Albany Creek parkI don't know how often a simple walk in a park can help you navigate through traumas and anxious moments and realise how wonderful life is for you!