Mature Adulthood
Legacy Brainstorming!

Mature Adulthood
Model Village Evolution!

John P Baly and Doc George Hemming would be proud of the legacy of positive community blueprint for others to enthusiastically carry on their excellent work, still to this day 2021 and beyond!

Mature Adulthood in this example have introduced a legacy of positivity!

Here we go with positive momentum, and introduce new insights of ideas into a think-tank. 

 I have discussed with Digby, and others are my observations on my yearly trips to Fiji. 

Those introduced, some are to counter stumbling blocks, others are deep insights.

 Ideas to brainstorm: • Introduce ideas for the poor that helps them become more self-sufficient.

 • Grow their food crops. 

• Arts Council, conduct classes at the JPB Clinic, 

• There may be a hidden talent among the disadvantaged. • Reinvigorate handicrafts 

• Choir competitions: Hearing Fijians harmonise, is a moment in music!

 • The unemployed don't get the dole also the needy for food parcels. 

• Could you help them? Cultivate unused land, assisted by the agriculturist 

I am now turning the spotlights on transforming insights. Koroipita the brainchild of Peter Drysdale. Translated to English, the 'Village of Peter'

 A model town built for the disadvantaged families a common dream of the founder John P Bayly. Houses build hurricane-proof. 

We have fully serviced village rental $1.28 per day. 

Each resident is obliged to have a backyard garden for vegetables. 

The design enhances self-stain-ability and higher living standards from these ex-slum dwellers. 

Shops and small businesses owned and operated by residents.

 JPB is responsible for eleven families with Koroipita. Located in Lautoka Fiji. One of the areas in Fiji, not serviced sufficiently by JPB, is the township of Ba. 

I have a particular interest; I was born there! I said to Digby, why not develop a model village with similar characteristics! The jury is still out! 


JP Bayly newsletter, which also caught my eye was about a girl that became a scholarship recipient, awarded by JPB. 

She lived under extreme poverty, yet achieved her Bachelor of Ed. and built a house for her family and a successful career. 

My take on this, tell her story to schools where there are disadvantaged children! 

The Challenges: I mentioned to Digby; they're perhaps more collaboration with the army to help when coronavirus and other serious illnesses strict people in remote areas, and access is difficult.

 The military has vehicles that handle all sorts of terrain!

 Mobile Doctors services to schedule calls to locations outside the town or city limits.

 Help from private enterprise, helicopter food and medicines drops to these remote areas. Domestic Violence is an escalating in Fiji, being a counsellor and a life coach, I'm exchanging ideas with the counselling service engaged for the JPB.Trust. 

What prompted me to this was Dr Isaacs Prilleltensky story about the looking for the cause rather than the cure. The water pump's contamination in the UK was the cause of the disease! Integrating Positive Psychology with my Solution-Focused therapies may help find the cause of Domestic Violence. 

 I have a number' movers and shakers' in Fiji that I have personal contact with, forming a mastermind group to help generate a pulse to design positive Fiji communities. 

Cross-pollinate with JP Bayly Trust community, consider these insights that Doc Hemming generated as a positive legacy building!