Songs About Positive Relationships
Upbeat Each Day!

Songs About Positive Relationships

Wow! I surround myself with songs and music from moment to moment and get flashbacks that take me back to times in my life. My brain vibrates with memories of a particular event, bringing back emotions and images as if it was confirmed this very day!

Music and songs are lovely prompts for pumping out gratitude, appreciation and decent human beings' qualities.

Seniors would appreciate the songs and the music of their era when music had lyrics and beautiful melodies that were timeless and not one-hit wonders!

An excellent example is the legendary Frank Sinatra, the voice and the ability to choose songs that defy time or era! Cole Porter was one tremendous example.

Many other musicians have paid tribute to Frank Sinatra with their versions. Oscar Peterson, the jazz pianist extraordinaire, interprets Sanatra's music so that you can visualise and hear Frank singing through the piano cords!

Songs About Positive Relationships
Lets Be Real!

Songs do not have to be about positive influences; sad and heartbreaking songs add to the dimension of emotions, as human experiences are a rich mixture of negative and positive.

Sad moments are worthy of being treasured and balanced with positivity.

They all can pull towards positive relationships.

Seniors, reflect on the magic moments, songs and harmony in your lives.

What unforgettable moments come rushing back to you?

Nat King Cole did some wonders with his songs; Unforgettable, Love Is A Thing and Stardust. His voice creates beauty in everything he sings!

Songs about positive relationships blend with nature amplifying positive emotions.

The momentum of the songs and music stirs up the imagination and gets your feet tapping, creating a movie in your mind of the sights and sounds of a joyous experience of the present moment or any moment in time!

Music and songs ignite sparks of happiness in you and others around you.

An international passport to happiness for those that experience it!

Bacharach Medley: Gimnazija Kranj Orchestra and Chior are an excellent example of the emotional appeal of songs and music.

Bert Bacharach inspired so many singers. Dusty Springfield regarded him as her mentor. Her rendering of The Look of Love, and many other of Bert's songs-takes my breath away!

Songs About Positive Relationships
Spellbound Door Opener.

Songs About Positive Relationships

Spellbound Door Opener!

Having positive relationships is a complex human experience to achieve. There are so many variables to consider; people are jocking for a position to hear their point of view.

Our senior members of families are in a unique position to listen without being judgmental of various concerns.

An example: 

I am calling a family gathering to discuss contentious issues.

I will introduce surprise elements by cranking up the CD/DVD player and playing upbeat songs and music, getting people onto the makeshift dance floor.

Get the family to watch Jive Bunny and Master Mixers.

Potentially change the tone of the meeting.

Now using a platform of the relaxed good times, look for positive differences overshadowing the bones of contention!

Instead, we laugh, cry and appreciate the magic moments we had in our lives and continue to have them spontaneously by living with joy for the moment!

Seniors, whether you are in the early stages or late Adulthood (like me), there are no boundaries to joy and happiness.

Spread it so it becomes your legacy!

I created other pages on my website, such as Late Adulthood, Why Celebrate Grandparents Day, and many other pages we could successfully combine Songs About Positive Relationships.

Positive Songs And Music
Easy Therapy

Positive Songs And Music

Easy Therapy

Putting on a therapeutic hat for just a moment, I would suggest that a client listen to a particular song and regard the lyrics as their homework. That's easy!

Suggestions: If they want more love in their relationships, Nat King Cole

singing 'Unforgettable' would be an excellent start! (click the song above)

If a client wants the courage to start a unique business idea, listen to Frank Sinatra's 'I Did It My Way.'  (song above)

They are building resilience and autonomy for this client by taking the blows and having little regrets, dusting themselves up, and getting going again!

Listen to the beautiful voice of Lucy Thomas, she will touch most people's hearts 💜

Songs About Relationships provide endless lyrics, and music help to satisfy the needs of most clients, giving solid pathways to achieving positive outcomes.

The niche I have developed is for seniors, those in their late Adulthood who are family mentors, and VIPs that have cherished and honourable places in the family structure.

Men and women are the family members they can turn to for any reason.

I use music and song to kick-start each day and combine them with gym workouts.

One of the most remarkable ways to create momentum and happiness internally, and it's natural to share it with others around you!

Chris Peterson's mantra:" Other people matter".

We are combining this with appreciation, gratitude, forgiveness, and happiness-love, full stop!

They are expressed so readily through the lyrics of optimistic songs and music.

Not forgetting  songs full of emotions.Capturing the hearts of your social network.

My recent discovery of Lucy Thomas truely angelic voice stands high in any rendition of the songs she has recorded. Sadly Lucy died in 2017at only 37!

If I were to reduce the song and artist to one choice, it would undeniably be The Power of Love by Jennifer Rush. Her voice and the lyrics epitomise Songs About Positive Relationships!