Late Adulthood
Emotional Development
Happiness Window!

Late Adulthood Emotional Development.

To make Late-Adulthood emotionally positive, I introduce a trifecta of Positive Psychology concepts that will help make you unstoppable whatever hang-ups surround you!

1. Mindfulness, wonderfully articulated and shattered some disturbing myths, and discoveries, when Ellen Langer started a new movement, people listened!

2. Growth vs Fixed Mindset, strongly influenced by Carol Dweck, and

3. Barbara Fredrickson's Broaden and Build Ideas, when applied consistently, took positive emotions to a high trajectory!

After demonstrating these beneficial concepts, Late Adulthood people (among others) will recognise the potency!

• leading meaningful lives for those at their epicentre of Late-Adulthood, and

• We have a Growth mindset to combat fixed attitudes saddled with meaningless lives.

• Meaningless blocks our right to question anything!

• Ellen Langer, a world authority on mindfulness, was courageous enough to conduct research and experiments that shattered beliefs, that is no longer relevant, and cause

• Dangerous consequences of relying on automatic pilot stuck with a fixed mindset and meaningless choices,

• As a result, we are multiplying with unwanted outcomes!

1. Late-Adulthood Emotional Development has the empowering ability to dig deep into their vault of seasoned wisdom, street-smart knowledge and unique experiences and expertise.

2. Your impact on the world and its people does matter!

3. Where your emotions are in a negative downward spiral, I provide you with the guidance to ditch problems holding you back!

4. You have an exciting transitional period in your life to create legacies of uncanny knowledge, impacting the community and making the world a better place spreading social and financial capital. Yes! you do matter.

Late Adulthood Emotional Development
Your Sleeping Giant of Possibilities!

Ladies and gentlemen, your in the best position to be influential, the hard-yards have embedded your DNA.

Igniting your ability to pass on your knowledge gained by your unique experiences and skills.

 Excitedly guide the next generation priming their pumps to world breakthroughs!

Late Adulthood
Emotional Development
Haunted By Turmoil!

Late Adulthood Emotional Development

Let's flip the coin, and consider where you are facing a trauma saturated story in your life, where the button is stuck on the negativity and darned hard to shake off!

The science of Positive Psychology is your valuable lifeboat to help you overcome those treacherous seas in your life, as it stands now.

Positive Psychology is going to be your Laser Lighthouse that goes into a deep scan hitting what you have been good at, rather than the negative things in your lifetime!

The application of the following concepts, leave in my mind, the most remarkable transformers on the planet to give you that reinventing shift, making your strengths so powerful they smother those harmful bumps that have held you back so far!

This a glimpse of what my positive reprogramming will help you with unshakable happiness and wellbeing that you richly deserve!

Any of these concepts of Positive Psychology have worked on my wife and me positively, bringing us the height of happiness and wellbeing.

Yes! I am walking the talk!

When you integrate Ellen Langer (Mindfulness) with:

Barbara Fredrickson's (Broaden & Build, Positive Emotions) and

Carol Dweck's (Mindset Fixed vs Growth)

We have a dynamite set of tools to achieve Emotional development positively!

Bullet pointed applications of the expectations for you in the sessions:

Mindful Meditation as little as 10 minutes per day,

Develops a mindfulness muscle,

"This is a biggie, make no mistake, physical exercise.  (Click on this line to take  to the first video)

The second video is here!

Boosts immunity,

Stress reduction,

Lowering blood pressure,

The automatic pilot kicks in, and walla!

You have deliberate positive choices,

We are creating sustainable happiness and wellbeing!

Broaden and build a theory of positive emotions,

Practically puts the brakes on negativity.

In a heartbeat, negativity can spike your blood pressure.

Positivity works like a glorious calming reset button! (Barbara Fredrickson extract)

We are going to the top of the mountain with this,

Strengths now bridge intellectually, physically(example: boost cardiovascular health!)

Resilience ( this alone is a godsend!) and

Social resources (community bonding)

All of the above provides the rocket fuel for a Growth Mindset!

Face-to- face would be great with the initial interview sessions, and thereafter virally on Skype or Zoom where practical?.

My home reception area, providing a relaxed atmosphere!