What Is Authentic Happiness
Emotional RoadBlocks

What Is Authentic Happiness

Emotional RoadBlocks!

The flexibility of emotions, letting the data provide the feelings we are experiencing. Far from being dictated by them, we don't push them away and use them to our advantage.

  Authentic happiness is my shattering reality that the oneness of Positive Psychology's science of Happiness and Well-being.

Virtually letting the torchbearers who confirmed my shining light on how to discuss what authentic happiness is about. Finding the balance between the emotional tightrope that creates the chatterbox in our heads that puts a stranglehold on achieving genuine happiness when it's most needed.

Honourably, here they are and what achievements they have brought to the world:

Click on the following links to watch some of the most life changing video and TEDTALKS!

The balancing act of positive and negative emotions leads to awareness triggering a powerful emotional intelligence after considering the above wonderful torchbearers. 

Ellen Langer's Psychology of Possibility was a turning point in my life to follow the challenge she did with the CounterClockWise experiment she did in 1979, turning back the clock 20 years to 1959.

  1. The theme compares the magic of being aware of how we mindlessly react to social and cultural cues.
  2. We need to challenge the idea that limits we assume must exist for us all.
  3. With only subtle shifts in our thinking, our language and our expectations.
  4. We then begin to change the ingrained behaviours that sap creativity, health, optimism and vitality from our lives.
  5. Also, there was no reason for improved vision, younger appearance, and weight loss to be worthy considerations.
  6. All of the above, Langer stated, are the consequences of these subtle changes!
  • When we increase our mindfulness, we increase our effectiveness, health, and overall well-being.

The famous CounterClockWise proved how conclusive this was in merely one week!

"I took this challenge in my late seventies in 2015 and turned the clock back to 1995. I was surprised by how close this matched my reality!

The results of my challenges put my mindfulness on an upward spiral achieving some remarkable outcomes:

Positive Ageing became my niche for my website, and although I was in my eighties, to gain qualifications in

  •  Positive Psychology Diploma, Life Navigation Program by positivepsychology.com endorsed approval American Psychological Association (APA).
  • Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Certifications:
  • https://courses.solutionfocused.net/certificates/5asxluupy7
  • https://courses.solutionfocused.net/certificatesra/ksfdq22gq2
  • https://courses.solutionfocused.net/certificates/obabqo0woc
  • Clients Experiencing Grief: SF Approach
  • I can tick off with confidence most of the above subtle changes. I am highlighting physical and mental fitness. I am one the oldest active member of the Albany Creek gym, spanning 25 years plus. I exercise with weights and cardio.
  • Several people can't believe I am in my eighties.

Susan David, Emotional Agility TEDTALK and book

 Susan's amplified my understanding of having a good grasp of Emotional Intelligence.

"I love her quote about people who say they don't want to try because they don't want to feel disappointed. "They are dead people's goals"

Susan's response, you have dead people's goals!

 What Is Authentic Happiness
My Hybrid Model

Hybrid Model Eclipse

My Hybrid Discovery Model

My discovery of the potency of integrating 

  1. # Positive Ageing with
  2. Positive Psychology
  3. Positive Solutions 

 With this integration, a turbo-charged interaction occurred!

    4. The three Ps birthed a 4th Power:

    A Positive Outcome For You and the rest of your loved ones!

Despite any trauma or crisis, you may be experiencing.

 Positive Ageing can start at any age!

A current example of an early age, look no further than the team players of the Matildars, FIFA Women's Cup.

The growth legacy they have created for young boys and girls, win or lose!

Authentic Happiness

Gateway-Grant & Shay Special Night

You are surrounded by happiness. We chose The Gateway Hotel, Nadi Fiji.

Where do you find yours from time to time?

We don't have to look too far!

Cosmic or Universe creative influences of the world around us!

These ideas can pop into your head when you are not thinking about them, a workout at the gym, a walk in the park, or a conversation with a friend. Also, your ideas can carry on from here to eternity as legacies!

Music is a wonderful way of introducting Authentic Happiness instantantly!

Metaphors: Solar-Powered Ideas. The massive push for Climate Change, at the same time, why not push for Mind Change?

Authentic happiness is evolutionary for my wife and me.

My discovery of the potency of integrating Positive Ageing 

("Where I am in life, right now.") with,

 Positive Psychology (Confirmation of following my life's journey) and Positive Solutions (Achieving the desired outcome)

 The shattering realisation of what I was doing unconsciously throughout my life was, in reality, grabbing the concepts of Positive Psychology and turning the Science of Happiness into my beautiful reality.

Being happily married for the past 61 years and still counting. Surrounded by loving family members, not forgetting my Labradors bears proof of this authenticity.

I was looking at a glorious sunset, momently reflecting rays that were very dear to my heart of how grateful and appreciative I am for my life.

Those two considerations forged values and beliefs, creating meanings of my Authentic Happiness. I count my challenges as blessings spiralling me to become a better person. 

There is so much to living and fulfilment of gratitude and appreciation, and you get back from others tenfold!

Then I thought, why not integrate these concepts as a dynamic Hybrid that flows into Authentic Happiness wouldn't be genuine unless we realise that imperfect human beings will face all sorts of challenges in forging healthy relationships to break through to that state of bliss.

"All of us are wired to break through any barriers and achieve Authentic Happiness."

If you want inspired confirmation of this, read Man's Search For Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl. 

Of course, there are many other examples where people have turned traumatic events into positive opportunities despite enormous odds!

As we are uniquely different and imperfect human beings, challenges to see people's distinct points of view will always be there with a cocktail of emotions and feelings. 

As human beings, there's no escaping emotional feelings of joy, happiness, humour, sadness, fear, anger, and so on.

Emotions are helpful data, but not directives, being careful not to own us.

Susan David, importantly says, has a definite gap---- between the emotion experienced pregnant pause. I'm noticing I'm feeling sad or angry.

When we lead meaningful lives, authentic happiness is the wonderful byproduct!

What Is Authentic Happiness

One word captures its meaning love!

Overlooking Cuvu Bay.

Our second home!

Overlooking Cuvu Bay Fiji
Our second home!What Is Authentic Happiness Coralie and I are living it!

When you look at a sunset such as this,

Beauty of nature surrounds you,

From my brother's house in Tamavua, Fiji.

Digby's home.Sunsets are natural tranquilisers!

I have used the growth stages of the coconut as a metaphor for Positive Ageing to replicate how we overcome challenges of all types of intensity despite all this, and lead purposeful and meaningful lives creating wonderful legacies for our loved ones to experience and follow!


Natures huge struggle for the shute to penetrate the coconut husk!

Abundant with coconuts

The next stage producing a lovey bunch of coconuts!

Coconut Furniture

Dead coconut trees reincarnated into unique furniture graces our home!

Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil

Many health and fitness benefits, and still counting!

My Hybrid Discovery Model

My discovery of the potency of integrating Positive Ageing 

("Where I am at in life right now.") with,

 Positive Psychology (Confirmation of following my life's journey) and Positive Solutions 

When I integrated these three Ps, a fourth power was born:

A Positive Outcome For You and the rest of your loved ones!

Despite any trauma or crisis, you may be experiencing?

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I conduct face-2-face interviews to help you achieve Authentic Happiness!