Health Issues
My Take!🏋🏻

Health Issues decided 40yrs ago and still counting to make them non-events! Regular gym workouts, optimum health and profound Ganoderma supplements!

I made this my health crusade for a good reason. Members of the family younger than me weren't looking theirs, and I didn't want to end like them!

A general apathy surrounded me of people here in Australia who didn't exercise overindulgence of fast foods. Obesity wavered on the norm!

I took heed to Jeff Olsen's Slight Edge principles: easy to do, easy not to do!

I started with some easy exercises and gradually built the intensity to my current regular weight training and cardio programs.

Let's Get Physical &
Mentally Fit!

Health Issues, creates a triple whammy when realising  doing regular physical exercises you get healthy, physical and mentally. An explovise positive bundle!

The following videos provide the research and evidence of this phenomenon!

Positive Ageing
Comprehensive Study

The Garvan Medical Research Institute

Covers positive ageing comphensively!

Click their report.

Health Issues
My Labrador Koula!🦮

Before health decision day, I smoked a pipe. I did something ceremoniously; dumped my collection in the Brisbane River.

Environmentally naughty, I know!

My way of kicking the habit!

I am not using the word profound lightly when I mentioned the benefits of Ganoderma Chinese mushrooms capsules.

An emotional case in point, my Labrador 'Koula.'

When he was ten years old in 2012, Koula suffered from fluid around the heart, and the prognosis by the cardiologist was that he had 14 weeks to live at the most!

We were at wit's end, and then I remembered a Chinese herbalist who had given Ganoderma to his dog and showed improvement in the dog's state of health.

Carlos said to me, give it a try, and I did, and after six weeks, there was a noticeable improvement.

Koula lived for another four years!

Our local vet called him the miracle dog!

Koula, our miracle Labrador!

Exercise Is
Brain Food! 🏄🏻‍♂️ 🍇

The University of Queensland Australia conduct studies on exercise and cognition of older adults (65-85) See video below.

Other universities have done similar studies.

Exercise is positive fuel for cognitive functioning during ageing!

I received amplification of this when I did John Assaraf's NeuroGym  inspiring course:

 H e used the metaphor Innercises for mental exercising your brain's muscles. Meaning regular innercising, you're going to turbocharge the brain's activation switch with a surge of a

neural pathway to the brain, stimulating the growth of brain cells.

We are giving us enormous potential to magnify our awareness, opening the floodgates to lifelong learning!

With a growth mindset like this, we are less likely to get dementia.

I know when doing physical exercises, there are so many times I get those ah-ha moments!💡

PS. One reviewer, a psychiatrist (Srini Pillay) of John's book Innercise, said," We need to be working out our brains like a gym workout."

Ageing Well?

The webinar by the Harvard Medical School panel of experts amplifies this art to well backed by research and evidence that we can make this a reality!

Watch the video or the recorded webinar.❤️

NeuroGym Metaphor!

Health Issues is a transformer for mental fitness, when using the metaphor above!

If you do regular workouts at a gym, you will see health and fitness results after some time.

A personal trainer will assist with a program to suit your needs.

What if! You combined the gym programs as a breakthrough metaphor to take your brain and mind for a workout for some time; why wouldn't you expect some positive results, as John Assaraf's programs do just that.

Here's a link to John Assaraf's program.

Confirmation of that factor:

 One reviewer, a psychiatrist (Srini Pillay) of John's book Innercise, said," We need to be working out our brains like a gym workout."