What Is Solution Focused
Going For Gold! 

What Is Solution Focused Therapy

I found it my gold standard to living my life.

I have made this my focus above all other therapies because it can transform people's lives to achieve a positive outcome.

When I first studied SFT, it was an epic moment and made me aware that I was following these qualities that naturally magnified my strengths, beliefs, values and what I hoped to achieve.
The powerful synergy with whatever the context, the cross-pollination causes a ripple effect.
Solution-Focused Therapy can be transformational for those who wish to overcome traumas or crises they are experiencing in their lives.
Moreover, S-F-T has evolved and is evolving evidence of practical research, a far cry from theoretical concepts.
Each interview with clients draws unique expectations of the positive outcomes gained as a dynamic blend between the client's resources and the Practitioner's non-judgemental questioning of what the client wants to achieve.

Examples: Using this practical Therapy in schools at the grassroots level helps children understand the implications of family traumas and crises.

Case in point, domestic violence!

Helping future generations lead meaningful lives!

I am in my mid-eighties and wanted to focus on people with similar maturity.

I had a compulsion to a lifelong study of Positive Ageing whereby people had the enormous potential to realise they had so much to offer current generations and the future as legacies.

How To Accept Growing Old?

Well, it is a time to celebrate as you are at the crossroads of life where wisdom, values, beliefs, and how you have coped and escalated challenges to positive outcomes.

Okay, there is no escaping more of the same; however, you have skills, strengths and intuitions honed by the sands of time to combat all types of adversities.

This powerful, loving bundle of your traits makes a legacy something to be proud of for you and your future generations.

Positive Ageing people are in an excellent positive to become mentors of family members who need support willingly or mandated.

 the client and their VIP's mentor lifeline support people and the Practitioner conducting the interviews.

This integration has transformational qualities for current and potential sustainability.

Hybrid Model Eclipse

My Hybrid Catalyst Niche

An integration potency of the following:

Creating an inspirational reinforcing upward evolutionary dynamic spiral 

  1.  Positive Ageing with πŸŒ€
  2. Positive Psychology πŸŒ€
  3. Positive Solutions πŸŒ€

 With this integration, a catalyst appeared, causing the three Ps to interact phenomenally, and then:

 πŸŒ€Spiralling into a 4th Power igniting a Positive Outcome for you, your mentors and me as your guide.

What it means to you, the Hybrid Catalyst amplifies each step of your journey with self-reinforcing positive feedback loops, creating your internal combustion of enlightenment!

Despite any challenge, trauma or crisis blocking your treasured outcome!

EvolutionaryGold Standards Programs πŸ‘‘ Uniquely Yours:

I have purposely labelled the spirals' πŸŒ€ evolutionary as my niche is Positive Ageing, focusing on people who are in mid-adulthood and have been through the mill of experiences and challenges, seasoned with abundant wisdom and skills.

I want to inspire these people who may have left these collections of attributes on the back burner for far too long without recognising their potential!

They are best positioned to offer advice and create legacies for future generations to develop evolutionary positive spirals.

I take it further and embrace Positive Ageing with mental and physical fitness. I practice this activity to help prevent dementia.

A regular gym program and the love of learning new things!

"Enough evidence and research support what I am practising."

Gold Standard Programs πŸ‘‘ Uniquely Yours:

I use an integrated program of Positive Psychology and Solution-Focused Therapy. I focus on your strengths, skills, and resources, including those most dear to you! This is your platform to help you achieve your desired outcome! These programs are evidence-based and have earned Gold standard ratings πŸ’›

"Just one more thing"

When you go through my Hybrid Catalyst Program, there will be a positive trigger: a Growth Mindset instead of a Fixed Mindset!

You won't be swayed by the opinions of others who say it won't work!

We put a bonfire πŸ”₯ under your creative inspiration; you keep asking yourself, Why Not?

Especially when you consider the following:

With the revolutionary inclusion of Artificial Intelligence ( AI), any endeavour you undertake will be propelled beyond your wildest dreams. AI in our program is not about replacing human interaction but enhancing it. It will improve your learning experience and provide personalised insights, making your journey more impactful.

I will provide examples of AI's effectiveness if you require it.

What Is Solution Focused Therapy
Limitless Resources!

What Is Solution-Focused Therapy

The Resources Are Limitless!

There are three expert categories:

  1. The client is the expert in their life's story or narrative.
  2. The client's network of talented resources of mentors or VIPs
  3. The Practitioner is the expert in questioning techniques of S-F-T

Nature, animals, music and any human experience, can influence a positive outcome.

I have provided images on pages to set these scenes and videos to give the music.

My wife and I have practised these integrated principles in our own lives!

I chose the Solution-Focused Therapy process above all other therapies because it replicated our lifestyles magnificently.

I didn't go out and seek to use Solution-Focused Therapy; it came to me during studies of Positive Psychology S-F-T, which echoed the same values of evidence-based happiness and well-being.
With an important dimension that S-F-T is evolving practice and not theory!
I strongly advocated it because it replicated our married life to diamond status!
It was a natural therapy that promoted living authentically!

Any images or videos that follow are life's natural brand of therapies!

What Is Solution-Focused Therapy
A Catalyst For Human Experience?

Allowing you and those dear to you to feel good about yourselves for your strengths, skills, values, beliefs and how you have coped with any adversity
I am the guiding expert to help achieve their desired outcome despite roadblocks of varying intensity!
When we get together, the magic happens; we acknowledge the problems but significantly amplify your achievements, values, beliefs and how you have coped as your springboard to achieve positive outcomes!

What we have is your catalyst for hope, encouragement and authentic happiness!
There's a lot of talk about A. I (Artificial Intelligence)
You create your own from the rich resources already at your disposal!

Moreover, there's nothing artificial about human intelligence, especially when you collaborate with the power of the client's resources and VIP support network and the Practitioner's expert guidance.

Sparks fly, and you have mega intelligence!

Case Studies have deliberately not shown that each interview is always a unique experience for the participants.

There's no copying and pasting permitted here!

It is a new human experience each time, never duplicated!


These rich resources are your rocket fuel to propel heights of achievement, magnetised by your strengths, skills, how you've coped, and the loving support of your family, friends, and anyone who's always been there for you!
Not forgetting for one minute, people you inspire and want to be around you!

Cocktail hour at Gateway

Cocktail hour at Gateway Nadi. Transcending memories!

Si-Si creation

What Is Solution Focused Therapy? Nature doing the therapy!


Tau, unconditional love!

Feeling stuck or overwhelmed?

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What Is Solution-Focused Therapy?
I advocate this therapy above all others because it embraces Positive Psychology and confirms my positive life experiences.
I lived it and continue to do so, creating legacies for future generations.
Any interview is a meditative experience combining the collaboration of the therapist, client and their mentors.
The image of the waterfall adds the wonders of nature as a tranquillising dimension!

View from -Home Office!

           " Imagine coming to my home office and experiencing tranquillity to start an interview with you/me and those dear to you".



Dr Anne B Lutz created this Magic Square that exemplifies the foundations of Solution-Focused Therapy. I am grateful to her for sharing the magic.✨