Retirement Rethink
Reinvent Yourself!👨‍⚖️👰‍♂️

Retirement Rethink, Have you checked your forehead lately? No?

Then why on earth are you worried about retirement!

This is what lead me to this!

I came across these concepts to fuel this sleeping giant to help ignite the sparks of retirees and those in retirement to reinvent themselves positively;

In that insightful book that pulled no punches by David Bogan & Keith Davies “Avoid Retirement and Stay Alive.”

Retirement-Rethink?Retirement-Rethink? Tried it once, found it mentally unstimulating. So glad I rethought it!

Retirement Rethink
Why Would You?

Retirement Rethink has some valid reasons:

Many would be feeling at the crossroads when retirement approaches and the emotions to fit the occasions of whether retirement is welcomed, or forced and made redundant due to a number circumstances. Such as:

  • Technology, existing skills don’t match.
  • Interestingly, maybe we should be looking the Singapore Model.."Second Skilling" In a recent Ideas at
  • Age dictated by industry, or your own thoughts and other influences.
  • Ill health or disability
  • Am I going to have enough money?
  • Your self-esteem may take a longer wanted!
  • And yet...this could be your forced wake-up call to develop the courage to untie the shackles to your locked away passionate dreams!
  • After considering the above, happiness could be on the slippyside in this stage of our lives.

Retirement Rethink
Tripled R'd Rated

  •  My programs are for those that want ‘reinvent’ themselves to have a compelling passionate future, that won’t feel like your working, but a joyous feeling of worthiness and valuable contributions, so its fitting your rightfully earning extra income!

Reinventing Retirement
Compounds Opportunities

Those reinventing retirement, are illuminated by a world that didn't know existed!

Solo Build It! helped me with this revelation!

You may find some ideas  that spark your interest by clicking on the above link? 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨

The lights are on to forge new relationships and unprecedented opportunities compounded by your indelible life skills and the in trenches experiences!

No doubt many risks have been taken, some game changing others soul destroying.

I don't believe in sugar-coating setting any goals, we need to get outside our comfort zones to achieve anything worthwhile!

The following book is one of the best on goal setting out there! It is one for all members of the family, from the youghters to the oldsters. Use Caroline's book as family project for creating your best life!

I choose kindle format, whatever is your personal choice.

Miller, Caroline Adams; Frisch, Michael B.. Creating Your Best Life . Sterling. Kindle E

Retirement Rethink

I retired at the status quo retirement age of 65.

The reasons I gave myself, losing interest and fulfilment in the insurance industry and not prepared to adapt to the types of policies changes term insurance 

 (nil cash values) instead of endowment or whole of life policies that offer cash values or loan values and surrender values!

Retirement lasted four months!

Boredom crept in and took a part-time job professional fundraising for a charity group; while building a website(Solo Build It!) for my counselling business.

Click here:   For those that may be interested in building a business online.

Retirement Rethink
Gaining Momentum

I think the Australian Government has been reading my mind!

The Government are providing more choices for older Australians to live healthier, and more independent and safer lives, so they can take advantage of the opportunities that a longer life brings.

Age Discrimination
Raises Its Ugly Head!👹👎

An extract from Retire Essentials brings reality to the forefront!

Another reason, for calling the shots and building a business online, and knocking age discrimination on the head!💪

Employing and Retaining Older Workers highlighted that nearly 60% of HR professionals believe older workers have had difficulty getting or retaining employment during Covid19.

Click here for their full report

Age A Barrier?

My niche is for Late-Adulthood, and age is far from a barrier of creating a 'New Retirement'

The following video is an example:

The following video 'Exercise and Healthy Brain Ageing' trials provides behind the scenes smoldering retirement rethink revolution.

Retirement Ideal Age? 

Click the above to find out?

Further Evidence.
Mental Retirement!

The following video provides this for you.