Albany Creek Positive Community
Our Model Suburb.

 Albany Creek Positive Community

Albany Creek, the home of my Positive Ageing Innovator practice, is more than just a place. It's a community that warmly embraces you, where you're not just a resident but a cherished member. Its breathtaking greenery and inclusive atmosphere are a testament to the exceptional quality of life it offers. Your presence is acknowledged and celebrated here, and your well-being is a priority, making you feel truly at home.

Any essentials were mere minutes away from your place of residence.

We live on a street that is peaceful 24/7

Although the neighbours don't live in each other pockets, there is the comfort of calling on each other at a moment's notice for any assistance.

There's the freedom to join others in the park for a chat or to celebrate a holiday event.

Our family felt this closeness to the neighbours around us.

The laughter of children in the park added to our friendly neighbourhood.

Nature's beauty surrounded Albany Creek with abundant bushland, heavy tree-lined streets and splashes of floral colour nestled along the roadways.

Whether you want to go to the aquatic centre combined with the gymnasium, sports fields, and the Jinker Track for cycling or bushwalking, all are there with a snap of your fingers!


Hybrid Catalyst Niche Journey

Macca Park, pathway to relaxed beauty.

Colour your world

Explorer Drive.

flora native brillance

Native splendour!

Albany Creek Positive Community
What's In It For You?

In my home-based hybrid practice, as a Positive Ageing Innovator, I combine two other powers: Positive Psychology, which focuses on understanding and promoting positive emotions, and Positive Solution-Focused Therapy, which emphasises finding solutions rather than dwelling on problems. This power of three introduces a game-changer!

 Our journey together is about more than just exploring new ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving. It's about embracing the potential for profound personal growth and change. Just as Albany Creek's natural beauty and vibrant community have transformed my life, this journey can transform yours. The possibilities are endless, and the potential for personal development is immense, offering a beacon of hope and optimism for a brighter, more fulfilling future.

By embracing the Power of Three and committing to your journey towards positive change, you can unlock the potential for long-term happiness and well-being. This outcome is not just a temporary state but a lasting transformation that can significantly improve your quality of life.

Your session with me is more than just a standard service. It's a meticulously tailored experience to meet your unique needs and experiences. No one else has the same DNA as you, and your journey towards positive change will be just as exceptional. At the heart of my practice, this personalised approach ensures you feel deeply understood and cared for. You are not just a client but a unique individual with unique needs, and we are here to cater to them. This level of personalisation sets our practice apart and ensures your journey is as effective and rewarding as possible.

Get ready for an exciting journey towards discovering your strengths, values, beliefs, and hidden resources that could lead to sustained happiness! Your desired outcome is within your reach, and we're here to guide you every step of the way.

Embark on a transformative journey to uncover your strengths, values, beliefs, and hidden resources—which could pave the way for sustained happiness! This journey is about change, embracing your potential, and stepping into a brighter, more fulfilling future.

A positive community at your doorstep is an excellent backdrop to our relaxed environment!

I conduct face-to-face interviews because they offer a superior level of connection and understanding compared to virtual meetings. This personal interaction allows for a deeper exploration of your needs and experiences, enhancing the effectiveness of our session.


Jasmine hugging our pool for relaxed positive ageing discussions.

Albany Creek Positive Community
Hot Topics : 
Contentious Issues

All suburbs come under these issues!

The following alarms me and many others:

How is the pendulum swinging in addressing these issues for Albany Creek?

Solution-Focused Conversations In Schools

Crosses All Boarders Of Knowledge

An example of this is using my position as a Positive Ageing Innovator.

I have combined this with my web page on the benefits of rethinking, avoiding retirement, or choosing a new profession?

I will apply these concepts to educators and others that span all bodies of knowledge.

Additionally, the benefits of solution-focused conversations in schools provide an evolutionary movement to attract more broad-based educators to fill these vast shortages, as shown below.

An authentic problem exists in most countries in the world.

 Qualified teachers are the backbone of education that drives schools and classrooms. Few issues threaten the nation as seriously as the growing teacher shortage

. Unfortunately, fewer people are enrolling in this career, and new teachers are quitting at an alarming rate. A nationwide teacher shortage exists, and reports indicate that there are 250,000 teaching vacancies annually across the United States, and teacher education enrollments have declined by 35% (Sutcher, L. et al. 2019). Teacher shortages exacerbate the inequitable distribution of qualified teachers to schools serving low-income individuals and individuals of colour.

Teachers are quitting at alarming rates in my local neck of the woods.

The Australian Education Union has surveyed thousands of public school teachers. Four out of 10 early career teachers say they plan to leave the profession within a decade. Excessive workloads, student behaviour and poor salaries are the main reasons.24 Nov 2023

Are schools in Albany Creek setting positive examples of students with this knowledge at the grassroots level?

I am making it my quest to find out if you want to join me.

Moreover, expanding your efforts beyond immediate educational settings to include local communities and stakeholders could also help create a more robust support network for teachers and students alike. By doing so, Albany Creek could become a model for other communities.

Becca Levy, will dispel many of the myths about positive ageing, I am proud I hold her positive beliefs.