What Is Late Adulthood
A Legacy

What Is Late Adulthood

What Is Late Adulthood

Fiji Example of a Positive Community, where the founders injected their social capital magnetising evolutionary movement for others to follow!

"Spiralling upwards from 1953 to this present day 2023

St. Lukes's Church, Suva Point.
Doc George Hemming physically helped build this church.St. Luke's Church Suva Point Doc Hemming's creation!

What Is Late Adulthood
Fiji Example

Exemplifying a Positive Community.

Fiji is a dot in the Pacific, yet it heralds these qualities.

 We'll see and experience leaps and bounds of social capital, ever-changing an evolutionary positive community making a mark on the world!

Social Changes In Late Adulthood opens your window of expanding your social capital, providing throbbing energy to kick-start a positive community!

Your input sends vibrations to other like-minded people to do the same!

I got a riveting experience when I selected for one of my electives for my diploma of positive psychology.

"Do some research, to find an example of a positive community."

My examiners were impressed with my authenticity and fact-finding mission.


I had no idea when I submitted this assignment in early July 2020 that it would be thought-provoking and prove to be an excellent 'why-not' exercise for those in middle or late-adulthood to create an exhilarating shared significance for themselves and the community!

And what was profound you create a legacy for others around the world for spiralling positive communities.

I have just finished reading Bob Buford's excellent book 'Half Time'.

We confirm and amplifying the thrill of making our second half of our lives equally exciting as our earlier years!

It's right to reminisce and equally essential to be happy in the here and now!

We now press the accelerator for us, oldsters, for our why-not!

Social Changes In late adulthood becomes my story illustrating the vibrancy of a Positive Community.

I am sharing a proud evolving template, in my homeland Fiji.

It is essential in assessing this community as positive by providing the history of the founders who provided their vision and foresight that established a legacy of good governance from grassroots inception to the present day 2020.

 The constitution and the rules of this trust provide the window of a flourishing community providing: 

• It is a charitable non-profit organisation created to assist the less fortunate citizens of Fiji and to enable their children to receive an education 

Looking through this window, we'll be capturing images of the past present and future.

 These founders tirelessly supplied the physical wants, medical care of the sick, aged destitute weak, helpless persons without concerning creed or class. 

Here are the calibre of these two men.

 John Percy Bayly was born in Levuka Fiji in 1881, and his father had taken out an endowment insurance policy for John to mature when he was eighteen.

 Soon after JPB started work as a customs officer, he handed his resignation, as his policy matured $2000 a lot of money in 1899!

 Telling his employer he wanted to work for himself.

 John had a love of the land and bought up acres of farmland in various parts of Fiji. He did this on horseback, and roads were non-extant or scratched roughly as tracks. 

His first project was a cattle venture.

 He was in all intents a profitable agent creating fortunes.

 We first see evidence for his philanthropy by providing for his employees' welfare, comfort in retirement, and their children's education.

 Lent money to the needy, a lot of it wavered!

 Ten years before his death (1953) he helped establish the Bayly Medical and Social Welfare centre, for poor of Fiji.

 John used his funds for the purchase of land building and equipment ($12000) 

His partner Doc Hemming was equally enthusiastic about sharing their combined legacy of the Bayly objectives in post-1953.

This second phase of a positive community is in the future chapter under the powerful benefits of Social Capital, the second episode!


What Is Late Adulthood
Rethink Now Necessary!

I focused on mature adults on my website, as I was also in that category.

So much has evolved since I wrote that post, and I now realise we need to break down age barriers and include much younger generations. 

 They are becoming a significant dynamic force in shaping the nation.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I)  has a solid potential for short-circuiting education, providing a much shorter time for learning and completing university degrees.

It is common knowledge that a significant gap exists between completing a university degree and the lack of relevance in the careers offered.

I think evolution is becoming tame, and revolution is becoming a more apt word to use!

There are so many other things in the pipeline. The one I am enthusiastic about is:

Coming Soon! Solution-Focused Conversations in Schools:

An integration of Education and Mental Health:

Solution-focused brief therapy, an evidenced-based approach, assists transdisciplinary teams in rapidly engaging in diverse and fast-paced environments. As such, it is an approach ideally suited for school mental health. 

We all know that trauma, crisis and domestic violence. Are surging throughout the world!

The above new course is an excellent attempt to educate at the grassroots level.

My tutor in Solution-Focused Therapy, Dr Anne B Lutz, authorises such a groundbreaking course.

There's so much on the horizon; I will keep you posted!

What Is Late Adulthood
Rethink Necessary!
Sunsetting new possibilities!Sunsetting new possibilities!

What Is Late Adulthood
Fijian Positive Community!