Solution Focused
Goal Setting

Solution Focused Goal Setting is all about the journey, we may as well splash it with gold along the way and cherish those moments for ourselves and those we love.

Solution Focused Goal Setting.

Before we set off on this journey of goal setting of what we want out of life, there are several vital questions to get responses from a family member facing any trauma or conflict before considering our best hopes for the here and now or the future!

Solution Focused Goal Setting is built firstly on your strengths, your lifeline of VIPs and me.

 Collaboration cracks the success code!

We use Solution-Focused Therapy (S-F-T ) to manage traumas with a Midas Touch of questioning, whatever the challenging degree of the presenting conflict.

The range of traumas is extensive:

They are a global problem:

  • Anything from Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse, Self-Harm/Suicide,  
  • Depression
  • Relationship issues and Hope and Loneliness more often present, especially in this current pandemic!
  • A word of warning, though! Be careful of the labelling slapped on people! 
  • I am grateful to Seph and Hugo podcast ideas, representing:
  • Watch mDepression video example.
  • The Solution Focused approach is highly effective to manage the most challenging traumas!
  • When I combine it with Positive Psychology, there are robust sustainability benefits!
  • I'll enlighten this later for you after a case study that illustrates:
  • Problem free talk is a power-house 💥  way of tackling the most demanding cases. Clicking on the case study link (above) follows this through!
  1. Helping the client with these positive differences highlights the strengths, resources, VIPs, and goal objects that the client hopes to achieve!

Strengths-Resources-VIPs New Normal Default Button!

  1. I'm your detective looking for your strengths and your supporting lifelines?
  2. What are your best hopes for our meeting?
  3. Where do you want to be on a scale of 1-10?

There is an excellent reason the questioning process follows the above order because   clients are often overwhelmed with enormity of the problem and can't see the wood for the trees! 

Solution-Focused questioning tranquillises, the client is not confronted! 😅

This is my window of relaxation (below), and then listen to Rita Coolidge's beautiful soothing tones (below)

"Questions Which 🔥 Illuminate, Not Decimate"

Clients strengths and resources to smoother conflicting anxieties are the evolving themes of Solution Focused Goal Setting!

My website navigation buttons Positive Ageing, Positive Psychology and Positive Solutions, the 3 P's assist and sustain as an ongoing crusade for Solution Focused Therapy for clients pathway to their success!

My goal is to ask clients questions to rivet their answers to solve their problems themselves to the extent I am no longer needed, except for brainstorming some ideas they may have.

When people solve their problems they become fully functional human beings that are prepared to tackle anything that confronts them, and are able to help others do the same.

My recipe for happiness and wellbeing!.🌈