How Do You Practice Mindfulness
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How Do You Practice Mindfulness.

Mindfulness ignites the fuse to new meanings, prompting values and beliefs that lead to pathways of opportunities and scoffing at limitations!
I am introducing a mastermind group of people in the vibrant field of Positive Psychology.
I'll demonstrate their research and evolving evidence that can indelibly create sustainable happiness and wellbeing.
In late adulthood, I decided to develop a niche as a Positive-Aging Innovator. I have the resilience to overcome most challenges.
The panel of experts I have chosen have impacted my life with a shuddering reality.
Ellen Langer, Barbara Fredrickson and Carol Dweck. Videos (below) complement these wonderful ladies!
Mindfulness cup that automatically keeps topped up!
My hope, ladies and gentlemen, is that these benefits spread virally to you!

Mindfulness - Igniting oppotunties!

How Do You Practice Mindfulness

 Mindfulness, ignites the fuse to new meanings, prompting values and beliefs leading to pathways of breathtaking opportunities scoffing at limitations! Those tiny people (pictured in grey above) go about life mindlessly without  igniting their flame to their opportunities!

How Do You Practice Mindfulness
The Counter Clockwise Experiment

Ellen Langer's Counter Clockwise studies created a world breakthrough when she took two groups of men, seventies and eighties, to a monastery, representing everything that flashed back to the 1950s, the decor, black and white movies and radio programs.

Ellen Langer's Psychology of Possibility was a turning point in my life to follow the challenge she did with the CounterClockWise experiment she did in 1981, turning back the clock 20 years to 1959.

  1. The theme compares the magic of being aware of how we mindlessly react to social and cultural cues.
  2. We need to challenge the idea that limits we assume must exist for us all.
  3. With only subtle shifts in our thinking, our language and our expectations.
  4. We then begin to change the ingrained behaviours that sap creativity, health, optimism and vitality from our lives.
  5. Also, there was no reason for improved vision, younger appearance, and weight loss to be worthy considerations.
  6. All of the above, Langer stated, are the consequences of these subtle changes!
  • When we increase our mindfulness, we increase our effectiveness, health, and overall wellbeing.

The famous CounterClockWise proved how conclusive this was in merely one week!

"I took this challenge in my late seventies in 2015 and turned the clock back to 1995. I was surprised by how close this matched my reality!

The results of my challenges put my mindfulness on an upward spiral, achieving some remarkable outcomes:

CounterClockwise Experiment.

Rentro 1950s- themed monastery staging an landmark 'Counter Clockwise' experiment conducted in 1980s turning back the era to the 1950s for a group of 16 males participants aged between 70 and 80.

The first group was asked to pretend they were young again, once again living in the 1950s. 

The second group was told to stay in the present and simply reminisce about the era.

After just one week, there was a dramatic positive change across the board. Both groups were stronger mentally and physically.

The first group that acted in real-time of the 1950s showed significant more improvement than the second group of reminiscers.

Watch! Brian Johnson's video of Ellen Langer's 'Counterclockwise' Helping you relive that epic experiment. Exposes how powerful the mind is !

I Made It Mine!

  • I can confidently tick off most of the above subtle changes. I am highlighting physical and mental fitness. I am among the oldest active members of the Albany Creek gym, having been a member for 25 years. I exercise with weights and cardio.
  • Several people can't believe I am in my eighties.

When I get on the Cross-Trainer, I turn back the dial, pretend I am in my seventies, and work their program!

Moreover, Ellen Langer's inspirational Counter Clockwise was my catalyst to develop my niche (below)

My Hybrid Catalyst Niche

An integration potency of the following:

Creating an inspirational reinforcing upward evolutionary dynamic spiral 

  1.  Positive Ageing with πŸŒ€
  2. Positive Psychology πŸŒ€
  3. Positive Solutions πŸŒ€

 With this integration, a catalyst appeared, causing the three Ps to interact phenomenally, and then:

 πŸŒ€Spiralling into a 4th Power igniting a Positive Outcome for you, your mentors and me as your guide.

What it means to you is that the Hybrid Catalyst amplifies each step of your journey with self-reinforcing positive feedback loops, creating your internal combustion of enlightenment!

Despite any challenge, trauma or crisis blocking your treasured outcome!

EvolutionaryGold Standards Programs πŸ‘‘ Uniquely Yours:

I have purposely labelled the spirals' πŸŒ€ evolutionary as my niche is Positive Ageing, focusing on people who are in mid-adulthood and have been through the mill of experiences and challenges, seasoned with abundant wisdom and skills.

I want to inspire these people who may have neglected these collections of attributes for far too long without recognising their potential!

You are best positioned to offer advice and create legacies for future generations to develop evolutionary positive spirals.

I take it further and embrace Positive Ageing with mental and physical fitness. I practice this activity to help prevent dementia.

A regular gym program and the love of learning new things!

"Enough evidence and research support what I am practising."

Gold Standard Programs πŸ‘‘ Uniquely Yours:

I use an integrated program of Positive Psychology and Solution-Focused Therapy. I focus on your strengths, skills, and resources, including those most dear to you! Recognising your attributes helps you achieve your desired outcome! These programs are evidence-based and have earned Gold standard ratings πŸ’›

"Just one more thing"

When you go through my Hybrid Catalyst Program, there will be a positive trigger: a Growth Mindset instead of a Fixed Mindset!

Don't be swayed by the opinions of others who say it won't work!

We put a bonfire πŸ”₯ under your creative inspiration; you keep asking yourself, Why Not?


Autentic Happiness!