Why We Celebrate Grandparents

Why we celebrate grandparents day, has some compelling reasons, proudly shown below!🙌

Grandparents are worthy of recognition that unique seasoned experiences and wisdom are privileged only by maturity!

This worthiness is significant to every human being on this planet.

Grandparents have a solid domain to provide the bridge to their families to seek excellence and obtain it. They are helping to put out fires of discontent and traumas we all experience in life from time to time.

Why We Celebrated Grandparents Day. Togetherness!

Grandparents form a solid base of VIPs to family members by their sheer unique experiences of joy, success and weathering life's storms that only seasoned wisdom achieves.

An inspiration legacy for all grandparents etched in Grandparents Day!

We can all think of some of this wonderful where grandparents have those magic moments with their grandchildren.

And, the other way where grandchildren dote on them!

Here's one my wife related to when she was a child on her grandfather's dairy farm in New Zealand. Coralie felt sick and confined to bed with a  fever, and grandpa bought a little calf into her bedroom.  Coralie never forgot that moment! 🐮

This little video says all (below)

Why We Celebrate Grandparents Day
Gaining Momentum 🎿

"Grand Pa and Grand Ma", you have proudly earned the status of VIPs to the family hierarchy and a formable team of lifeline support to your grandchildren."

Spiritual grandparents had an enormous impact on my daughter Alison life Gran and Nan, although deceased, VIPs qualities have helped shape Alison's or "Doll's."  these loving qualities!

I illustrate these fond memories with the image below.❤️

Alison, at the age of 6.5 holds her grandparents' experiences as qualities that helped build her lovingness.

Why We Celebrate Grandparents Day, we don't have to confine it to dedicated day, especially in a time of crisis are other valid reasons!

In my role as a Happiness Practitioner specialising in Solution-Focused Therapy where the child or adolescent draws on lifeline support to help in conflict resolution!

Why I have placed you on this high pedestal of Very Important Persons echoes the theme of my website for the following reasons:

Positive Ageing, through your unique experiences, wisdom earned over the years.

Positive Psychology of emotional development creates vast lasting positive relationships projecting happiness and wellbeing.

Positive Solutions, helping assist in finding strengths and values of your grandchildren and their parents.

These three empowering factors potentially possess a formable VIP status that honours any family structure with pride and love.

Your wisdom does not stop for the here and now; it carries over as to future generations!

"The world needs grandparents like you".

My website navigation buttons, the three Ps, are designed to reflect on your authentic journey of the highs and lows of being a human being for happiness and wellbeing that's available to us all if we choose it!

Parents and a Granddaughter. If you were the grandparents sitting on the beach, run out and join hands with them!

Expectation Highlights☄️

Why we celebrate grandparents day has limitless reasons!

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This button helps you ward off any naysayer saying you can't achieve anything you want in life!

The Positive Ageing button proves that anyone in mature adulthood is worthy of earning the crown of Very Important Person, so valuable to any family structure!

We go to the Positive Solution button in times of trauma! This where the magic 🧙‍♂️ 🪄of collaboration comes in> Grandpa / Grandma , other family members and me for guidance!😄

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