Octogenarian Reboot fired me up to relook at where I am at!

Pushing eighties and the nineties, so what!

We are making the world a better place!

We are wrapping the wisdom of slight edge potency around impacting our health, personal development, relationships and finances.

The slight edge has two sides of a coin, easy to do and easy not to do!

The first 5% one upward spiral success trajectory, the latter one does a deep dive of unsuccessful 95%.

The slight edge is the flagship of the definition of success, being the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal!

These easy to do steps, when compounded over time, matching the progressive realised goal!

If you take the easy way out and don't do the simple steps, expect failure paths of 95% of the population!

This is a copy of my book review.

Jeff' Olson' book has such a wide application.

I had used the slight edge unknowingly or invisibly over conservatively thirty years when I first started the gym program, gradually increasing my cardio and weight training fitness level to my current age of 82 years old!

When I started reading this remarkable book, I realised I was following his principles of 'easy to do' rather than 'easy not to do'.

The penny dropped further during my studies of Solution-Focused Therapies when clients present their usual problem saturated narratives smothering their strengths, values and beliefs, which are the building blocks of positive outcomes.

These exceptions or gaps in their thinking are the 'slight edges, the compounding propellers to significantly success, wellbeing and happiness!

Had I known the gems of this book, I would have read it well before any other self-help on the market!


Octogenarian Reboot, a further example of applying The Slight Edge principle. "I salute Jeff Olson".

 My book launch of 'Fijiana'.

An example of using 'The Slight Edge' concepts for writing my book, the power of compounding 'Easy To Do Steps' over several years to launch date 2007. In my homeland Fiji.

Positive Ageing!

When I refer to us being octogenarians, I put it as being top of the list, of it being synonymous with positive ageing and having a strong bond of all aspects of positive psychology!

That is why I embrace the empowering benefits of positive psychology throughout my website.

Octogenarian Reboot, creates a process of compounding easy steps when followed positively provides the recipe for a worthwhile purpose!

Breakthroughs don't happen overnight, they are the result of adding these steps together over time, often years!  Example, my years of study, continually learning, relationships and health and fitness program. There's no end, I am happy with that!

I am stating a harsh reality, mainly living in a   society, hammering with no's comparatively with very few yes's.

It isn't any wonder when the poor subconscious mind compounds those ratios, and you have an 8: 1

or 40,000 no's to 5000 yes's!

When you attempt something positive, you get your subconscious churning at messages: "You can't do that, be authentic; how more failures do you want to mount up."

Let's tone it done and say errors of judgement, but when compounded over time, massive negative consequences!

The metaphor of a guided missile is 75% off course and needs self-correcting instruments to take on course continually. 

Similar to our journey.

In rereading Jeff Olson's excellent book: 'The Slight Edge. (I have reviewed his book separately alongside the image)

The book gave me my Octogenarian Reboot!

"A kick in the pants to action these simple steps".

One of the clear examples of the slight edge in action, the mere fact of writing down your goals and setting deadlines. I didn't know how powerful this process was, before I did it!

My message from my subconscious: "Now your talking Bryan, I'm going to help you achieve them"

Then magic happens; most of the goals I set for myself were achieved on time and some on months before the due date!

No doubt likewise, oldsters you would be aware of similar findings of the success steps you took.

We have been on this road less travelled than other younger members of the family.

Here are some pointers of wise counsel to them, applying these easy to do ideas:

Health, Personal Development, Relationships, Finances and Life's Purpose.

I will pick my favourite relationships, getting this one right, a domino effect on the others!

Easy to do plan, being kind, generous, loving to other members of your nuclear family.

Imagine the spin-off!

Positive Relationships I firmly believe is the most excellent motivator to balance your subconscious mind to give you a heap more positives, narrowing the ratio gap of 8: 1

You are building a happiness and wellbeing bank account!

The following is a excellent presentation of The Slight Edge!