Midlife Crisis

Midlife Crisis
Breaking Through!

   Midlife Crisis, solutions that breakthrough and provide love and happiness throughout the steps of the journey we are going to travel on, with the highly effective Solution Focused and Narrative Therapies. What's more, I help make sustainable for life.

Affecting men and women spanning through the ages arbitrarily from the '50s to '90s

Your wisdom and maturity will grasp the concepts of the Solution- Focused approach, as second nature!

The possible expectations of those in late adulthood 80's to '90s they would have weathered traumas of crisis.

 Those in the earlier age bracket may be in the eye of the storm!

Midlife crisis often creeps into family structures.

Relationships between grandparents, immediate families and grandchildren can fuel these traumas.

The reality of our current coronavirus creates a new dynamic of not being able to visit families face-to-face. 

Adding an isolation drama, we may have never experienced before!

I step in and offer the following:

I focus on men and women who are in their late adulthood.

Who wants to create a legacy and rekindle their passionate dreams left dangling on the backburner for so long!

They're at the crossroads of life, where they can draw on their volcano influential knowledge

My Three hats system: 

  1. The 1st hat, a burning desire to make your life count.
  2. The 2nd hat is your enduring strengths, values and beliefs.
  3. The 3rd hat, crossing the bridge over troubled water to anything holding you back!

The beauty of this system creates potentially high positive stakes involving the whole families opinions are respected together with the individuals who are at the centre of a midlife crisis.

The magic of collaboration yields a potency for all parties!

When we get together online or face-to-face, you choose the hat?

My Solution-Focused Narrative system will help signal when to change hats!

 Storying a midlife crisis.

  1. Put on your detective hat to find clues to make life count.
  2. Spotting your strengths, values and beliefs hidden in the drama of the narrative.
  3. Build your bridge to cross troubled waters, and wave goodbye to them!

Midlife Crisis
Mad Hatters,
No Way!

Ladies and gentlemen, put your hat that lets you celebrate what you excel at!

When I came across this system of creative thinking, I immediately thought, Wow! this is the way I have been conducting my family life.

The narrative or story I told myself was a replay of a midlife crisis that was rearing its ugly head frequently.  

I was wearing a dunce hat, blaming a lack of education, plagued with learning difficulties, riddled with a battery of negative emotions.

My IQ tests confirmed that!

I had enough of this lack of self-esteem, anxiety attacks and introverted thinking!

I put on a new hat rewrote my story that haunted for so long.

Under this new hat, I dissected it, becoming a detective and for the clues of what I was good at hidden amongst the crap of negative thinking!

I wrote a book and called 'Fijiana.' (Fiji my birthplace.)

My headline for this book:

"It's an honest and shaky attempt to expose the raw nerve of life experiences and come up with something wholesome."

My third hat I glued onto my head, for 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and still counting!

Under this hat, I reinvented myself by obtaining the excellent sort after diplomas, in professional counselling, positive psychology and life coaching certification.

I am grateful to Linda Metcalf who alerted me to her Solution-Focused Narrative Therapy, and her website: solutionfocusedschool.com

I am grateful for her advice and encouragement.

I became extraverted, and people loved my company. Friendships grew strong!

This hybrid program has enormous flexibility and reaches out to all family members.