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Therapy Case Study
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Solution Focused Therapy Case Study

Clicking on the above link will inspire you to see the versatility of this study in action.

Yvonne Dolan interviews David Parris in this video, in one of the most challenging aspects of grief you can imagine. I share with admiration Yvonne's article: The Pragmatics of Hope, as it helps meet this challenge!

Following a pathway of gold to achieve a positive outcome despite life's traumas.

I am looking through the lenses of seniors or mid-aged people who are honoured to be family VIP members and are excited about the prospect of ageing positively for the very moment and creating a legacy blueprint for future generations.

A great example of a far-reaching legacy is the pioneers of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, Steve de Shazer and Kim Berg, who were responsible for the evolutionary nature of this therapy maturing into a Gold standard!

My treasured studies with the pillars of Solution-Focused Therapy by Dr Anne B Lutz and Yvonne Dolan were a turning point in my therapy learning.

This case study of Anne highlights the quality of Solution-Focused Therapy under crisis and trauma conditions, pulling out most of the positive stops!

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The comments about the cases are mine to highlight the importance of having resources that fit under significant role models who have positively aged to complement the blending of the three Ps.

Solution Focused

The case study sets the scene for the client (your family member) facing a crisis or trauma. It draws on their strengths and rich resources that you help provide through your treasured wisdom and unique experiences that can help them weather any storm with bundles of hope to achieve positive outcomes.

I provide guidance, helping to recognise this family member hidden by overwhelming in the muddy waters of the trauma they are facing.

I help provide this support by effectively questioning the evidence and years of research, reaching the Gold Standard that Solution-Focused therapy offers!

Nature's Tranquillisers

Nature's tranquilliser, a walk in Mahaca Park, Albany Creek.

Sometimes nature can calm traumas effectively.

My Wonderwoman doing the honours.

Solution Focused Therapy Case Study
What Power When Integrated!

Solution Focused Therapy Case Study

Fellow Positive Agers earning the natural right to be VIPs of your family organisation, what will unfold for you those challenging yet joyful experiences and wisdom that never come in short-term measures but the long passage of time.

When I realised that integrating Positive Ageing with Positive Psychology and Solution-Focused Therapy (aka Positive Solutions), I knew this approach deep-down every human being would strive to follow.

The wisdom unfolds throughout this example of the following case study.

Just as Positive Ageing is seasoned evolutionary, so has Positive Psychology and Solution-Focused Therapy with the build-up of many evidence-based, real-world research projects to its present-day Gold Standard rating.


The Bossley Family.

My VIPs: Dad & Mum (spiritual) and my wife Coralie (in green below me)

The heroes I can turn to instantly!


My mother is a spiritual inspirational for me, likewise for my daughter.

Tau and Loloma

Our Labradors living and spiritually are VIPs in our family for the past sixty years and still counting!

DV from ISFT on Vimeo.

Paradign Shift
Case Study Comments


Solution Focused Therapy Case Study
Amplifies Hope!

Solution Focused Therapy Case Study

Amplifies hope and creates a paradigm shift!

I am inspired and grateful for the videos provided by

Dr Anne B Lutz and Yvonne Dolan (

My comments are in the context of VIPs categorised by men and women positively ageing or desire to do so.

Circumstances date positive ageing rather than button-holing age brackets.

Traumatic events can escalate the need to use positive ageing in the early stages of maturity.

In this video: Recognising The Power of a Woman's Voice a Solution-Focused Approach To Domestic Violence, unfortunately, epidemic worldwide.

International Women's Day celebrating positively and negatively last March 8, 2023, and I am adding the resilience of women should be commended and awarded as survivors rather than victims for the strength they have shown!

Client, in this case, the study showed courageous strengths being a survivor and being a VIP role model for her kids and a powerful woman's voice, a worthy contribution to International Women's Day!

There's a need to promote the unsung heroes who became survivors against disturbing odds!

The client here didn't have any apparent resources to reach out to but released some formable untapped resilience and became a hero for her kids!

There is a stark contrast with Yvonne and David's video interview concerning Alzheimer's difficulty finding solutions.

Yet, it is possible to find solace. All is not lost.

I found this video so powerful and empowering, and the collaboration of seamless joyous working together of David and Yvonne, the cases of Alzheimer's where we don't always have an answer, what worked once may not work the next time.

We have to be willing to try!

Finding solace in this disease can translate as hope in even the most traumatic and crisis cases!

One of the often solution-focused questions asked by the therapist:

"How have you been coping.?"

It may not work too well with Alzheimer's patients because their response may be, "Well, I'm not."

Instead, "What gives you joy?"

For example, "How were you able to play the piano?" 

A simple thing, David invited patients for a nature walk. It made their day!

A picture below is one of my examples.

When watching the videos, visualise your family situations and experiences, past, present and future, and you'll find that hope is a powerful antidote against the traumas and the grieving process of most magnitudes.

I am focusing on people in mid/late adulthood who may be experiencing their loved ones where grief is a real issue.

Dr Anne B Lutz gracefully provided me with the following handy guide (above at the top of the page)

 Clients are often surprised when they meet with a Solution Focused Brief therapist expecting a confrontation with a line of questioning that corresponds with Problem Focused Assessment; instead, the questioning theme of Solution Focused that character builds, helping them feel good about themselves!

Problem-focused disempowers, and the likelihood of getting similar comments from others amplifies their problems. 

"You should have stopped doing this" Why have you been so crazy" And so on.

The marvels of nature provide a natural tranquilliser for traumatic experiences. The recipe I use is to combine this with music, and gym workouts.

I came across a quote from Caroline Miller, she sums up happiness so eloquently:

I learned twenty years ago, when I entered the field of Positive Psychology, that I wasn’t just studying “happiness;” there are multiple words that also indicate “flourishing.” They include pride, awe, joy, contentment, nostalgia, savouring, anticipation, love, passion, and serenity. I can safely say that every one of those emotions was wrapped up in the recent moments of observing my son’s and daughter’s transformational life moments.

A sunset of possibilities!

Sunset of possibilities