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Happy Solutions

Create your own mind movie that takes you back to those magical moments you treasure so much!

Strategies- Using Stress!

"You kidding me, far from it"

Strategies Simplified
By Three!

Strategies that provide the rocket fuel for your Solution Focused Ideas and 

    Forged hard to my theme of using a Magical Three, or the A, B, C of it!

When you have mastered the three things, this gives you the motivation and self-esteem to move on and tackle another three!

The strategies I use with counselling or coaching depends on your completed free survey of Character Strengths, which incidentally opens up a new world for you.

 Complex and overwhelming problems knocked on the head with unexpected simple solutions.

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A. Solution Focused Strategies here take yourself to the 'movies.' in your mind. Telling your story creating all your emotions and feelings of the drama, excitement,  sadness, anger, happiness and the imaged or real ending you want to achieve.

Together we pluck out the right parts that offer solutions and blend them into interventions for you from fun-loving exercises.

By doing these exercises, watch what happens to your positive progress!


Faulty thinking can start small, without apparent recognition and compound over the years into destructive habits that block your happiness and wellbeing.


My programs take you through Baby Steps to untwist negative thinking,  sustainably.

Together, we'll be going through, what I call a simple three-step process that will make a delight to do:

1. Using Baby Steps, that may sound childish, however, have proved to be so powerful and successful life-changing.  Jeff Olson, in his famous book, called 'Slight Edge.' You'll find them easy to do and easy not to do because people think they are oh so simple they are not worth doing.

 Ever watched a race? The winner beats their opponent a fraction of a second! You don't need to be an athlete to achieve this slight edge success in any of your challenges or building relationships.

2. We interlock this significant edge to slowly but surely dismantling these relationships busting automatic faulty habitual thought patterns. Ok, won't happen overnight because you've had years of practising them. 

3. A hugely important step, the radar beams on your achievements and we capitalise on them, being the seeds of your greatness for your solutions you want!

C. With the concepts of Positive Psychology, we wrap these scientific evidence-based research of positive human functioning and flourishing promoting human happiness and wellbeing.

With this addition, counselling and coaching are robustly dynamically elevated to new heights of fulfilment. I am making it easier to tackle those challenging goals.

The A, B, C  powerfully here learnt are:

Resilience, the ability to bounce back

Authentic Grit, by sustaining that resilience for as long necessary.

Authentic happiness, the promoter of your success!

Nature provides an unlimited source of ideas or strategies:

Watch the tide coming in and out, a flowing stream, an environment walk with friends, providing the perfect backdrop for those ah-ha moments to flow into your mind.

That's what our Discovery Sessions are designed to do for your happiness and wellbeing!

Strategies Motivate People To Be Grateful Even In Event Of Sheer Disaster!

"One of the most disastrous hurricane in Fijian human history"

One of the many villages completed wiped out!

They rebuilt their lives living in tents for many months, without electricity, carting water from a stream.

The happiness, laughter of these Fijians, despite all the above. Our visit was to donate clothing. 

Never experienced a flood of gratitude of such magnitude!

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